Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving greetings

It’s Thanksgiving time and I’ve taken some time to talk with my 1st grade HS students about the holiday and what they’re thankful for. Here are some of the responses from the 1-2 class. I’ll be posting more throughout the week, for they're quite heartwarming. I thought you all'd like to see what some of students have on their minds here.

I’m thankful for my life."

"I’m thankful for all the things that I encountered whole my life. Because they have made me realize and they have been stimulus for me."

One girl wrote hers like a poem:

"I’m thankful for fresh Autumn wind,

Well-cooked rice, my patient mom, generous teachers,

Edgar Allen Poe, and other poets, air planes,

My favorite writers, the internet, the truth that I’m quite free,

Musics that I like. And dreams during the nights."

"I thanks for my girlfriend.
I think she was always thoutful during date with me."

"I’m thankful for my parents because my parents made and they take care of me."

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