Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Update: Wednesday, 21 November 2012/Giving thanks

There must be something about Wednesdays. They're the days when the blogs come calling for fresh material and links to other excellent reading material. Today will go down as one such day.

Some updates:

My girlfriend Rochelle has recently posted about celebrating Diwali with my friends in Uncheon. Writing about this'd slipped my mind, but suffice to say I'll link to her page and say "what she wrote" because I can't add much to it. We all had a great time and enjoyed the fellowship and the food. Special thanks goes to Lisha and her friend for preparing the tasty foods and the festive atmosphere. It was my 2nd time in Uncheon (not counting all the times the bus has gone through there) and Rochelle's first. We'll be back again visit Lisha before long!

To my dear family and friends, I apologize for not having kept in touch as much as usual. The past few weeks have been busy, but thankfully not too busy. A couple of the middle school classes proved especially trying this week, but all the other classes have been fine. Life continues to groove along here. As always, thank you for being here. You're always on my mind. You know who you are. If you've any questions about Korea or life here, please post a comment!

Similarly, it's time to give thanks. Of course I'm thankful for my family and for knowing all the friends and colleagues in Korea, as well as...

-Good health
-This fulfilling job
-My ever-studious, if challenging students
-Getting to experience life in this beautiful country.

It's a bit strange to think about how I was always lukewarm on this time of the year (I'll never like turkey as much as I Iike chicken) prior to coming here, because doing lessons on food and customs is fun. We don't have ready access to turkey over here and the students love hearing about new foods, so even cranberries and stuffing sound appealing now.

Cheers, everyone.

And for those who care to know:
Lastly, here's something I should've written sooner: two of my other blogs are on the right hand side. Investing in Polyurethane Discs is my music blog. I don't write nearly as much as I should for it, especially with all the Kpop I'm soaking up while living over here. Frankly, there isn't too much to say about Kpop other than "It's only pop but I like it." Lately it's been YouTube videos of quality tunes...not that there's much wrong with that. I'll be posting more stuff.
Bearded Menace is an excellent blog about punk rock and its offshoots. The author knows his stuff. He used to do write ups of full albums, but now he's switched to doing his own digital mixtapes and writing liner notes for them. Check it out if you're into classic punk.
Musings of Random Plebeians is a blog I co-author with Cato from Wisconsin. Him and I go back a ways. It's originally his blog, but he made me co-author when I mentioned that I was looking for a space writings about stuff other than Korea and music. We write about relationships between the sexes and about whatever else enters our heads. Lately it's been about relationships.
Dannyfrom504's similar. He's been part of the "Manosphere" longer than we have, of course, but he writes cool posts about guy stuff as well.
Traveling The World I Hope is Rochelle's page. She writes about her teaching life in Seoul and has some quality alternative takes on stuff we do together.
Kimchi Soul's a blog I found about Korea. It's getting linked solely on the strength of it's post about DVD bangs.
Eat Your Kimchi - One of the premier sites about all things Korea, Kpop, and Korean food. They've been around for a while and they're quality stuff.

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