Tuesday, December 4, 2012

High school class 2-3's weekly schedule

Korean school subjects key:
반: section (bahn)
시간표: Timetable/schedule (shiganpyo) (literally, hour table)

국어 Korean (Gukeo)
영어 English (Youngeo)
지학 Earth science (Jihak)
과학 Science (Gwahak)
미술 Art (Misul)
수학 Math (Suhak)
운동 Exercise/gym class (Undong)
문학 Culture/Social studies (Munhak)
화학 Chemistry (Hwahak)
동아리 Club time (Dongari)

This is an idea of what the 2nd graders' days look like. Notice how they have math 2 and 3 times a day; the kids have more math than every other subject. For those want to know why Koreans tend to do well in math, here's why: it takes precedence over other subjects.

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