Monday, December 3, 2012

The beginning of the Snowball Wars

Though some snow fell earlier, it's come out in force today. The kids have begun the 2012-2013 Snowball Wars in earnest this afternoon.

It's good to see them having fun and letting loose before exams start on Wednesday. They need a break from all the pressure. Seeing them run around also reminds me of these few things:

--Aside from fretting over the snow getting tracked into the school, the teachers don't seem to mind the students and their horsing around. Most of the time they let the kids do what they want (within reason) between classes anyway.

--We couldn't ever throw or even make snowballs in grade school at recess.

--We never had time to play in the snow during middle school and high school because we had 4-5 minutes between classes and a barely-there lunch period.

--The students look genuinely happy. Good for them.

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