Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Quick hit: Japanese ramen in Hyehwa

Rochelle took me out for Japanese ramen today. I’d been hearing nothing but good things about the stuff from her and her friends—evidently,the noodles are nothing like the much-maligned ramen noodles in the US supermarkets and better than Korean ramyeon. After eating some today, Icouldn’t agree more! We went to this dark, woody, and cozy restaurant that Iforgot to write down the name of and ordered bowls of karakuchi ramen and added egg and pork. I followed Rochelle’s order because it sounded good. And yes indeed, it was! The broth had none of the over-salted flavor of the ramen or ramyeon I’m used to, the noodles looked(and tasted) more like spaghetti, and the tender pork tasted succulent. The eggs made for a fine addition as well. What an excellent and filling meal. Iwas still feeling the fullness hours later when the bus rolled into the Wasubus terminal ^_^ Quality stuff.

Someday I'll make it to Japan and taste ramen on its home turf. Until then, this will suffice.

Gotta rock the ramen.

Another kind of ramen that Rochelle's friend ate at another time. The broth comes in a separate bowl and you dip the food into it. Apparently it's also quite good.

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