Friday, January 25, 2013

Krock: Classic rocker Shin Joong-Hyun

These days in Arizona are going great. We've seen plenty of sights. Look for a series of posts focusing on Arizona and Wisconsin. The trip's not over yet and the pictures will go up soon. Perhaps tonight or tomorrow I can get some stuff loaded here. Until then, enjoy some music!

Another one from the "Should've done this a long time ago" file. Groove Magazine ran an article that mentioned a guitarist and singer named Shin Joong Hyun who's known as the "Godfather of Korean rock." Then phrase sounded like endorsement enough, so I looked him up and liked what I heard. And now I want to hear everything. Much as the Kpop's good, I'll always value guitar rock and it's offshoots over anything pop. See here. Both sounds ride rocking, rollicking grooves. "Please Don't Bother Me" is relentless and "Beautiful Mountains and Rivers" sounds like the Byrds jamming with Hendrix. Standby for more!
"Beautiful Rivers and Mountains"

Below: "Please Don't Bother Me Anymore" (With The Golden Grapes)

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